FREE Tour #2 – Sunday 11/30/14!

Our first official tour brought out a bunch of hearty badasses in the wind, snow, and rain!  We had so much fun that we are doing it all over again after Thanksgiving!  Once again, the tour is guaranteed to be EPIC!  Here’s what you need to know about the next FREE Tour of the Forest!

Laid-back Forest FREE Obstacle Tour!
Sunday 11/30/14

394 Carrs Trail
Coventry, RI
401 871 8436

Rough Agenda:

  • 1130 Gates Open
  • 1215 Group Warmup at Fire Pit
  • 1230 OCR Loop Tour – Led by Ryan immediately after Group Warmup
  • 1330 Ninja Skills Tutorial led by Ryan in Ninja Park
  • 1430 BYO Crockpot Party (seriously, of course other food is also welcome)!

Things to bring:

  • Friends
  • Skills
  • Enthusiasm
  • Layers
  • Gloves
  • A second pair of underwear in case you get too excited

Other Notes:

  • ALL Participants and Spectators must sign WAIVERS every time you visit the Forest!  You will receive a bracelet before being allowed on the course. Please allow a few minutes for this process as we expect a solid crowd!
  • Have fun and please stay within your abilities! We recommend that all participants have a buddy/spotter on the course. If you would like assistance or have any questions about technique/strategy, please ask!
  • Kids are welcome to play! Please keep an eye on them! Of course, that goes for adults too (see buddy/spotter note above)!

Among other new features and a modified layout, our Warped Wall will have a fresh new skin on it by the 30th!  This should bring our success rate up from 2% to somewhere in the 30-60% range!

2 thoughts on “FREE Tour #2 – Sunday 11/30/14!

  1. Good afternoon neighbors.

    As you are aware there is an individual trying to open a business on our road. 394 Carrs Trail. The link below will detail what is going on.

    As of now there are no permits allowing this. Do we really want business coming to our country road? The traffic today has been terrible.

    There will be a zoning board meeting on Wednesday, December 3rd at 7:00 – Town Hall. We all need to attend and voice our concern. We need to join forces and say NO!!!

    Also, please email our council woman Karen Carlson, Senator Nick Kettle, and Coventry Rep and tell them we do NOT want this on our street. We pay enough in taxes to live in a country setting and it must be preserved.

    Please tell your neighbors and let them know we need to join forces and say NO.

    Dottie Jackvony
    552 Carrs Trail

    Just for your information


    1. Hi Dottie,

      Please know that we have no intention of disrupting the beautiful country setting in Greene. In fact, that is a significant factor in our business plan. We would be happy to speak with you directly to discuss your concerns.

      Feel free to call me.

      Chris Jardin
      394 Carrs Trail


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