Sunday is guaranteed to be EPIC!  Here’s what you need to know about the FREE Tour of the Forest!

Laid-back Forest FREE Obstacle Tour!
Sunday 11/2

394 Carrs Trail
Coventry, RI
401 871 8436

Rough Agenda:
1130 Gates Open
1215 Group Warmup at Fire Pit
1300 MovNat Demo at Vertical Walls and Jumping Bars
1400 Raffle Prizes Awarded
1430 BYO Crockpot Party (seriously)!
Things to bring:
A second pair of underwear in case you get too excited
Cash for our raffle; our coffee truck, Presto Strange-O; and New England Grass Fed beef!
Other Notes:
We know it’s daylight savings time! Take advantage of that extra hour of sleep, you’ll need it!
ALL Participants must sign WAIVERS! You will receive a bracelet before being allowed on the course. Please allow a few minutes for this process as we expect a solid crowd!
Have fun and please stay within your abilities! We recommend that all participants have a buddy/spotter on the course. If you would like assistance or have any questions about technique/strategy, please ask!
Costumes are encouraged but not required!
Kids are welcome to play! Please keep an eye on them! Of course, that goes for adults too (see buddy/spotter note above)!

Meet the White Widow!
Meet the White Widow!
The Warped Wall is Legit!
The Warped Wall is Legit!

OCR Loop!

Testing Some Ninja Features!

4 thoughts on “FREE TOUR SUNDAY 11/2!

  1. Good morning! You may not remember me but I contacted you back a couple years ago, on FB Messenger, and the phone as well I believe, about your outside facility. If I remember correctly, you were having issues with getting approval from your neighbors. I was wondering if you are up and running?


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